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We are always ready to serve our clients in the construction, engineering and offshore marine sectors with personalised customer service tailoring to each client's project needs. Because when you call, we answer. No matter what time it is.



How We Got Our Start

In the past, our customers were always complaining about travelling to many suppliers to gather project materials.


For instance, they had to travel to one construction supplier and another electrical supplier which delays project completion and upsets customers.


Located at Woodlands, we started Soon Teck Hardware, a trusted brand built as a one stop shop for your supply needs.


By offering products from different categories like construction, electrical & lighting, furniture hardware etc, we ensure you have all the materials ready to go.


With same day delivery of urgent orders, you will never worry again about meeting your project deadline.



For questions on earlier delivery and long term partnership.

Drop us a quick call and we will be able to assist you as soon as possible

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Our delivery team strives to always deliver on time and ensure your products are in good condition



For questions on products not found on the website and other product-related issues.


We will be able to understand your shopping needs better and fulfill your orders faster



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Soon Teck Hardware is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions? We’d love to hear from you

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31 Woodland Close, #06-33 Woodlands Horizon Singapore 737855

Office: 62923302, 62923009

Fax: 62923348

For general enquiries, drop us an email at,sg

For accounting purposes, drop us an email at,sg

All business emails will be replied within 2 days latest so rest assured that we will not keep you waiting for too long. 

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