Sani-Pine is a potent blend of pure pine oil, powerful surfactants and anti-bacterial agents (QAC). It cleans well and kills bacteria readily. It also imparts the reassuring scent of pure pine oil that remains delightful after cleaning.




Size: 500ml (Bottle) $6 or 5 Litres (Tin) 


-Double action (pure pine oil and QAC as anti-bacterial agents)
-Natural pure pine oil used (not just pine fragrance)
-Gentle and non-corrosive formulation


Effective as a cleaner, deodoriser and disinfectant. Neutral pH, non-flammable
and biodegradable, it does not container any soap, acid, ammonia or alkaline.


Product Features:
-Powerful anti-bacterial properties 
-Double action disinfectant (uses both pure pine oil and QAC as
anti-bacterial agents)
- Natural pure pine oil use (not just pine fragrance)
- Gentle and non-corrosive formulation
- Good cleaning and deodorising properties
- Pine fragrance never turns rancid

Directions for Use:
Dilution may vary with specific conditions, general guidelines are:
- Disinfection - dilute up to 1:40
- General Cleaning - dilute up to 1:80 

SANI‑PINE (402) Concentrated Pine Disinfectant